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Activities for Kids

Inspire kids with a variety of activities inspired by our exhibitions and permanent collection, complete with video or PDF instructions.

Exhibition-Inspired Projects

Hair tool decorated with beads, glitter, and string inspired by the artist and trained barber Faisal Abdu'Allah

Faisal Abdu’Allah: Blu³eprint-inspired hair tool

Blu³eprint is a nod to the significance of the barbershop within Abdu’Allah’s artistic practice and personal history.

artkit instruction sheets

Sandra and Wence Martinez-Inspired Weavings

Their work was shown in Caja de visiones from September 18, 2021–January 23, 2022.

art project of a drawing of a feline animal on a mirror-like reflective surface

Natalie Frank-Inspired Mirror Drawing

Natalie Frank: Unbound was on view from June 5–October 24, 2021.

flatlay of wish boxes, art supplies, and instruction sheets

AMENDS-Inspired Wish Boxes

AMENDS was on display from June 19–October 24, 2021.

diy windchimes hanging on a tree

Amy Cutler-Inspired Windchimes

Permanent Collection-Inspired Projects

leaf print inspired by Nancy Mladenoff

Nancy Mladenoff-Inspired Leaf Prints

person holding a decorated bird house art project

Clayton Brothers-Inspired Collage Treehouse

Suellen Rocca-Inspired Board Game

artpack instruction sheet inspired by Gladys Nilsson

Gladys Nilsson-Inspired Watercolor Trees

Gladys Nilsson: Out of This World was on view from August 6, 2020–June 6, 2021.

artpack instruction sheet inspired by Roger Brown

Roger Brown-Inspired Landscape Paintings

Robert Lostutter-Inspired Mask

tinfoil monoprint activity

John Colt-Inspired Tinfoil Monoprints

Barbara Rossi-Inspired Pointillist Planters and Rocks

Karl Wirsum-Inspired Symmetrical Art

collage scrapbook

Ray Yoshida-Inspired Collage Scrapbooks

Ray Yoshida: The Spaces in Between was on view from June 29, 2019–June 14, 2020.


Gladys Nilsson-Inspired Watercolor Paintings

page from an Ed Paschke art worksheet for children

Ed Paschke: Picturing Freedom

What image would you use to picture “freedom”? Draw your idea on this worksheet.

page of Frank Stella-inspired kids' art pack

Frank Stella-Inspired Origami Bird

Make an origami bird inspired by the colors, shapes, patterns, and textures in Frank Stella’s print.

front page of an art activity

Recreate a Work From the Collection

Inspired by MMoCA’s 2019 exhibition Mirror Image, browse the Museum’s permanent collection online and see if you can recreate a work from the collection.

first page of a kids activity sheet talking about Sonya Clark's sculpture

Let’s Look: Sonya Clark

Inspired by Sonya Clark’s Wig Series, write and draw your favorite family stories.

Symmetrical portrait painting

Karl Wirsum-Inspired Symmetrical Self-Portrait

Create a symmetrical self-portrait using charcoal and gouache in the style of the Chicago Imagists.

Painted paper and bookmark with marbled design.

William Weege-Inspired Paper Marbling

Be inspired by artist William Weege who likes to experiment with handmade paper in his art.


Romare Bearden-Inspired Collage Portrait

Create a collage portrait using magazines, newspapers, or junk mail.

Painted rocks.

Nicholas Monro–Inspired Painted Rocks

Turn ordinary rocks into a work of art with this project, inspired by Nicholas Monro’s Stone Circle (1972).

Floral arrangement

Nancy Mladenoff–Inspired Nature Composition

Create a temporary artwork from materials found in your yard or neighborhood.