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Activities for Kids

Inspire kids with a variety of activities inspired by our exhibitions and permanent collection, complete with video or PDF instructions.

Exhibition-Inspired Projects

Federico Uribe-inspired Coral Reef Coloring & Drawing

Bruce Conner-inspired Mandala Drawings

Bruce Conner’s work is currently on view in imaginary i.

Charles Gaines-inspired Parabolic Curve Art

Charles Gaines’ work is currently on view in imaginary i.

Michelle Grabner-inspired Paper weavings

Michelle Grabner’s work is currently on view in imaginary i.

screenshot of activity sheet.

erika blumenfeld-inspired constellation art

Erika Blumenfeld’s work is currently on view in imaginary i.

recollect: Sam Gilliam-inspired jazz collages

RECOLLECT: Sam Gilliam is currently on view.

draped canvas hanging from the ceiling

recollect: Sam Gilliam-inspired coffee filter paintings

RECOLLECT: Sam Gilliam is currently on view.

Floyd Newsum-inspired Mixed Media Song Art

Floyd Newsum: Evolution of Sight was on view from May 20, 2023–October 8, 2023.

symbol line drawings example

Floyd Newsum-inspired symbolism coloring & Drawing

Floyd Newsum: Evolution of Sight was on view from May 20, 2023–October 8, 2023.

Hair tool decorated with beads, glitter, and string inspired by the artist and trained barber Faisal Abdu'Allah

Faisal Abdu’Allah: Blu³eprint-inspired hair tool

Blu³eprint is a nod to the significance of the barbershop within Abdu’Allah’s artistic practice and personal history.

artkit instruction sheets

Sandra and Wence Martinez-Inspired Weavings

Their work was shown in Caja de visiones from September 18, 2021–January 23, 2022.

art project of a drawing of a feline animal on a mirror-like reflective surface

Natalie Frank-Inspired Mirror Drawing

Natalie Frank: Unbound was on view from June 5–October 24, 2021.

flatlay of wish boxes, art supplies, and instruction sheets

AMENDS-Inspired Wish Boxes

AMENDS was on display from June 19–October 24, 2021.

diy windchimes hanging on a tree

Amy Cutler-Inspired Windchimes

Permanent Collection-Inspired Projects

leaf print inspired by Nancy Mladenoff

Nancy Mladenoff-Inspired Leaf Prints

person holding a decorated bird house art project

Clayton Brothers-Inspired Collage Treehouse

Suellen Rocca-Inspired Board Game

artpack instruction sheet inspired by Gladys Nilsson

Gladys Nilsson-Inspired Watercolor Trees

Gladys Nilsson: Out of This World was on view from August 6, 2020–June 6, 2021.

artpack instruction sheet inspired by Roger Brown

Roger Brown-Inspired Landscape Paintings

Robert Lostutter-Inspired Mask

tinfoil monoprint activity

John Colt-Inspired Tinfoil Monoprints

Barbara Rossi-Inspired Pointillist Planters and Rocks

Karl Wirsum-Inspired Symmetrical Art

collage scrapbook

Ray Yoshida-Inspired Collage Scrapbooks

Ray Yoshida: The Spaces in Between was on view from June 29, 2019–June 14, 2020.


Gladys Nilsson-Inspired Watercolor Paintings

page from an Ed Paschke art worksheet for children

Ed Paschke: Picturing Freedom

What image would you use to picture “freedom”? Draw your idea on this worksheet.

page of Frank Stella-inspired kids' art pack

Frank Stella-Inspired Origami Bird

Make an origami bird inspired by the colors, shapes, patterns, and textures in Frank Stella’s print.

front page of an art activity

Recreate a Work From the Collection

Inspired by MMoCA’s 2019 exhibition Mirror Image, browse the Museum’s permanent collection online and see if you can recreate a work from the collection.

first page of a kids activity sheet talking about Sonya Clark's sculpture

Let’s Look: Sonya Clark

Inspired by Sonya Clark’s Wig Series, write and draw your favorite family stories.

Symmetrical portrait painting

Karl Wirsum-Inspired Symmetrical Self-Portrait

Create a symmetrical self-portrait using charcoal and gouache in the style of the Chicago Imagists.

Painted paper and bookmark with marbled design.

William Weege-Inspired Paper Marbling

Be inspired by artist William Weege who likes to experiment with handmade paper in his art.


Romare Bearden-Inspired Collage Portrait

Create a collage portrait using magazines, newspapers, or junk mail.

Painted rocks.

Nicholas Monro–Inspired Painted Rocks

Turn ordinary rocks into a work of art with this project, inspired by Nicholas Monro’s Stone Circle (1972).

Floral arrangement

Nancy Mladenoff–Inspired Nature Composition

Create a temporary artwork from materials found in your yard or neighborhood.