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For Kids

child decorating a book
Photo by Carol Casimir.

MMoCA offers families a variety of open-ended, fun, and flexible resources for exploring its exhibitions. Click on the links below to access a selection of these activities from home.

Learning Centers

MMoCA’s Learning Centers are located within the gallery spaces which offer additional ways to engage with current exhibitions.

MMoCAkids ArtPacks are temporarily removed from the galleries. View and download art activities from past exhibitions.

MMoCA’s Free Family Resources are generously supported by the Nimick Forbesway Foundation.

Upcoming Events for Kids

Young at Art 2025 | Exhibition Celebration

February 16, 2025

See Event

Photo by Shalicia Johnson/ArrowStar Photography.

Activities for Kids

Inspire kids with Art Cart and ArtKit activities inspired by our exhibitions and permanent collection, complete with video or PDF instructions.

2024 Art Cart & Art Cart EXTRA!

child looking at another child's writing

Art Cart & Art Cart Extra!

Art Cart and Art Cart EXTRA! are free outdoor art programs that travel to parks, playgrounds, and beaches across Dane County in the summer. Kids enjoy expert instruction and a relaxed attitude to make art outdoors. Children ages three and above are welcome with an adult.

Families can drop in with no pre-registration necessary. Summer camps and other childcare programs must pre-register for Art Cart’s weekday sessions at 608.204.3021.

two children doing an art activity on the grass

Art Cart y Art Cart EXTRA!

Art Cart (Carrito de arte) y Art Cart EXTRA! son programas gratuitos de arte al aire libre que viajan a los parques, zonas de juego y playas en todo el condado de Dane durante el verano. Los niños disfrutan de instrucciónes y de una actitud relajada para hacer arte al aire libre. Los niños de tres años para adelante son bienvenidos con la compañia de un adulto.

Las familias pueden entrar sin necesidad de preinscripción. Los campamentos de verano y otros programas de cuidado infantil deben registrarse previamente en las sesiones de semana de Art Cart llamando al 608.204.3021

child holding up two decorated socks

Lub Tsheb Nrag Txuj 2022 thiab Lub Tsheb Nrag Txuj NTXIV!

Lub Tsheb Nrag Txuj thiab Lub Tsheb Nrag Txuj NTXIV! yog kev kawm nrag txuj dawb sab nraum zoov uas mus rau tom cov tshav ua si, cov chaw ua si, thiab cov ntuj dej thoob plaws Dane County rau lub caij ntuj sov. Cov me nyuam yaus yuav tau txais kev qhia los ntawm ib tug kws txawj thiab yuav muaj ib tug cwj pwm coj yam tsis txhawj los tsim kev nrag txuj sab nraum zoov. Peb txais tos cov me nyuam muaj hnub nyoog peb xyoos rov saud tuaj nrog ib tug neeg laus.

Cov yim neeg muaj cuab kav tuaj tau yam tsis thas sau npe ua ntej. Cov kev kawm rau caij ntuj sov thiab lwm cov kev saib xyuas me nyuam yaus yuav tsum sau npe ua ntej rau Lub Tsheb Nrag Txuj cov kev kawm rau cov hnub ua hauj lwm ntawm 608.204.3021.


grandparent holding a baby

Art Cart is a joint project of the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art (MMoCA) and Madison School & Community Recreation (MSCR). Art Cart EXTRA! is organized by MMoCA.

The programs have been generously funded by the Cummings Christensen Family Foundation, The Nimick Forbesway Foundation and The Theda and Tamblin Clark Smith Family Foundation in memory of Sylvia Vaccaro.

child writing on a strip of plastic on a table

Art Cart es un proyecto conjunto del Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Madison (MMoCA) y Madison School & Community Recreation (MSCR). Art cart EXTRA! Está organizado por MMoCA.

Los programas han sido generosamente financiados por The Cummings Christensen Family Foundation, The Nimick Forbesway Foundation, y The Theda and Tamblin Clark Smith Family Foundation en memoria de Sylvia Vaccaro.

a rock paperweight on top of a stack of Art Cart project instructions

Lub Tsheb Nrag Txuj yog ib qho kev koom tes ua ke los ntawm lub Madison Museum of Contemporary Art (MMoCA) thiab Madison Feem Kev Kawm Ntawv Thiab Zej Zog Qhov Kev Kawm Lwm. Lub Tsheb Nrag Txuj NTXIV! yog los ntawm MMoCA.

Cov kev kawm no raug pab nyiaj los ntawm lub Koos Haum Ntawm Tsev Neeg Cummings Christensen, Nimick Forbesway Foundation thiab Theda thiab Tamblin Clark Smith Family Foundation hauv nco txog Sylvia Vaccaro.

a child pouring paint from one container to a larger container. Behind this child are other children seated at rows of tables participating in an artistic activity

Kids’ Art Adventures

MMoCA invites families to pick up a free Kids’ Art Adventures ArtKit complete with supplies and instructions for at-home artmaking inspired by art at the museum. A different project is offered each month focused on a specific artist’s work, which you can see, up close, in the museum galleries when you pick up your kit.

Come back soon for an updated schedule for free ArtKits.

Group of children holding their artwork and enjoying art at MMoCA.


ArtZone is MMoCA’s afterschool art program, inviting student groups from neighborhood and community centers to a two-hour workshop at the Museum that combines engaging gallery discussions with related hands-on art activities. The program is aimed at students in 4th–6th grade, though projects can be tailored for all ages.  

A flexible schedule of ArtZone workshops led by an experienced art educator is available on Thursday and Friday afternoons throughout the school year and in the summer. Transportation reimbursement is available. Contact to learn more about the program or to sign up for a session.   

ArtZone is funded in part by a grant from the Madison Arts Commission, with additional funds from the Wisconsin Arts Board.

Girl Scouts

Girl Scout troops may work toward completion of a Fine Arts badge by visiting MMoCA on a guided tour. Troop leaders may request an in-gallery drawing experience inspired by works of art.