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Take a self-guided 3D virtual tour of MMoCA’s recent exhibitions at home and through your computer. View close-ups of contemporary or modern artworks and read the artwork labels through an educational experience that can be enjoyed by adults, kids, students, teachers, art lovers, and more.

Wearing traditional Native clothing, artist Wendy Red Star is seated on a set modeled after a forest, with a body of water, fall trees, and a mountain landscape in the background. She is surrounded by fake flowers and card board cut outs of a reindeer and a rabbit.

Wendy Red Star: Apsáalooke: Children of the Large-Beaked Bird

The Children of the Large-Beaked Bird exhibition provides an opportunity for adults and children to look at history and representation with fresh eyes.

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triptych of jacquard tapestries, each showing a person standing

Faisal Abdu’Allah: Dark Matter

DARK MATTER by British artist Faisal Abdu’Allah explores cultural representation and self-determination.

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monochrome intaglio print that looks like a collage of stamps, torn pieces of paper, barcodes, gum wrappers, and more


Home, a multi-media exhibition, creates conversations around concepts often tied to the sense of home—memory, comfort, loss, displacement, and reclamation.

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large group of people dancing indoors at a party

Boxed In

Drawn from the permanent collection, Boxed In is an exhibition conceived by the MMoCA Teen Forum. In attempting to understand what “the box” means, two themes began to unfold: Confinement and Conformity and Perspectives of Power.

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Illustration of a dove and a bat

MEL CHIN: There’s Something Happening Here

There’s Something Happening Here represents 43 years of Mel Chin’s work, focusing on several projects that testify to his deep commitment to the intersection of art with social, political, and environmental justice.

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Watercolor and acrylic on canvas word illustration that says "dèyè mòn, gen mòn"

SANTIAGO CUCULLU: You still make me tremble

Explore a year’s worth of accumulated moments: things that caught Santiago Cucullu’s attention, made him laugh, and influenced his thinking and perspective.

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geometric painting of a man wearing a head dress

CAJA DE VISIONES: Arte moderno y contemporáneo de México en el Medio Oeste de los Estados Unidos

The past and present intertwine in Caja de visiones. This exhibition features selections from MMoCA’s significant collection of Mexican modern art in a show that explores the history of the artistic renaissance in Mexico during the first half of the twentieth century and its connection to works being created by Mexican and Mexican-American artists working in the Midwest today.

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Showing a kitchen or dining area covered in images or prints with Chinese decoration


Between explores photography as a medium uniquely positioned for revealing the liminal. Defined in a multitude of ways—in between, a threshold, a moment of transition, or a rite of passage—a liminal space is the precipice between two realities.

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gouache and chalk pastel on paper featuring a woman leaning back on a chair or bed


Natalie Frank: Unbound is the first survey exhibition of Brooklyn, New York-based artist Natalie Frank’s drawings inspired by some of the best-known and most controversial literary narratives.

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illustration of a group of women in long dresses, some building a brick wall surrounding a landscape of short tree stumps

AMY CUTLER: A Narrative Thread

Amy Cutler is known for her highly detailed compositions, elaborate costuming, and fabric patterns as means to express her characters’ psychologies and narratives.

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watercolor painting of an eagle flying through a forest

FULL CIRCLE: Acquisitions and Exhibitions

Full Circle traces MMoCA’s collecting and exhibition history over the past 30 years and reflects the culmination of the work and dedication of recently retired Director Emeritus Stephen Fleischman.

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illustration of a woman surrounded by smaller scenes and people against a backdrop of shapes and trees

GLADYS NILSSON: Out of This World

Out of This World includes layered collages, watercolors, paintings, and prints that span 40 years of Nilsson’s career.

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oil painting of a headless figure wearing a leather jacket against a geometric background

UNCOMMON ACCUMULATION: The Mark and Judy Bednar Collection of Chicago Imagism

Uncommon Accumulation showcases gifted works to MMoCA alongside the promised gifts that have been collected by the Bednars over the past 45 years.

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