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Mel Chin speaking into a microphone at the podium during his lecture

Watch Mel Chin’s Lecture Online

If you were unable to join us last week for the annual Stephen Fleischman Lectureship with conceptual artist and MacArthur Fellow Mel Chin, you can view the entire recorded lecture on

Chin, whose exhibition There’s Something Happening Here is on view in the Main Galleries, talked about his practice and his innate drive to create art that speaks to the scientific, political, and social issues of our time. The exhibition features objects, prints, drawings, and assemblage. Some works, including large-scale pieces, include their studies, so you can see how the artist developed a work from conception to completion.

The artist ended the lecture last Thursday by playing his guitar and singing a song about a soldier who had returned home, only to find that the battlefield was still raging in his mind. There’s Something Happening Here is on view through July 31, 2022.