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Showing a kitchen or dining area covered in images or prints with Chinese decoration Guanyu Xu, <em>Facing North, Looking West</em>, from the series <em>Temporarily Censored Home</em>, 2019. Archival pigment print, 56 x 70 in. Courtesy of the artist, Yancey Richardson Gallery, and Gaotai Gallery.
2 channel installation of Kenneth Tam: Silent Spikes with a tunnel on one screen and seated cowboys on the other Kenneth Tam: Silent Spikes, Queens Museum (February 24-June 23, 2021). Courtesy Queens Museum, photo credit: Jason Mandella.

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Exhibition // Apr 23 – Oct 07
triptych of jacquard tapestries, each showing a person standing0
Exhibition // Sep 17 – Jan 15
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Chicago Imagists

MMoCA has one of the premier institutional collections of Chicago Imagist works. The Imagists were a group of figurative artists who emerged in Chicago in the mid-1960s. They used vibrant color, bold lines, and depicted the human body grossly distorted and highly stylized. Their bizarre portrayals of the human form expanded on Chicago’s artistic tradition of the grotesque established by artists like Ivan Albright and Leon Golub. Although influenced by the encyclopedic collection of the Art Institute of Chicago, the Imagists were equally inspired by ethnographic collections at the Field Museum, self-taught artists, comic books, storefront window displays, and advertisements in magazines.

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