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American, 1968

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Todd Hido. Photograph courtesy Stephen Wirtz Gallery.
Todd Hido, Untitled #2154-A, from House Hunting, Cibachrome print, 1998.

Todd Hido's work, in its large scale, color, serialization, and incomplete narratives, is associated with the main currents of contemporary photography. From 1991 to 1996, Hido completed his art education with degree work leading to his M.F.A. done at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Rhode Island School of Design, and California College of Art and Crafts. His subject is the residential suburban house around which he explores themes of home, family, and memory. All of his work is done at night. Using available light and long exposures, he achieves high detail and rich color. There is no human activity, only the lone house from which light emanates through windows—often with drapes pulled down or shades drawn. Hido's portraits of houses evoke moods of isolation and disquiet. The viewer is asked to imagine what is taking place behind the façade of the homes and their closed doors. With no exact answers possible, Hido's photographs remain mysterious.

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Hido, Todd. House Hunting. Tucson, Arizona: Nazraeli Press, 2001.

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Todd Hido, Untitled #2154-A, from House Hunting, 1998, Cibachrome print, 24 x 20 inches. Collection of Madison Museum of Contemporary Art. Madison Art Center Purchase Fund. 2002.01 © Todd Hido.

Todd Hido. Photograph courtesy Stephen Wirtz Gallery.