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Wisconsin Triennial 2016

September 24, 2016 – January 8, 2017

Lois Bielefeld, Wednesday: Willie Mae. 2013, from the series Weeknight Dinners, 2013–present. Color photograph, 25 x 36 inches. Courtesy of the artist.

This year’s Wisconsin Triennial will open with a reception beginning at 6 pm on Friday, September 23. The exhibition will be on view in the museum’s lobby, State Street Gallery, Imprint Gallery, main galleries, and rooftop sculpture garden through January 8, 2017. A cornerstone of MMoCA’s exhibition programming, the Triennial captures the richness and variety of artistic expression across the state, and showcases significant themes being addressed within the contemporary art world. Visitors may see new work by artists included in previous Triennials, as well as discover emerging artists.