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November 4, 2017 – May 6, 2018

Ed Paschke, Suture, 1985. Oil on linen, 42 x 80 inches. Collection of the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art. The Bill McClain Collection of Chicago Imagism.

BIG presents over thirty large-scale, modern and contemporary artworks from MMoCA’s permanent collection, including works by Sam Gilliam, Ellsworth Kelly, Robert Rauschenberg, and Jennifer Steinkamp. Historically, large-scale art was reserved for mural paintings in the narrative tradition, but soon artists adopted large canvases to capture new and big ideas—particularly the Abstract Expressionists in the 1950s. This shift to a larger scale demanded galleries and museums adjust their spaces and viewers alter their way of engaging with the work. Through these large works, artists created a physical experience that demanded the viewer’s attention.


Skyscraper with Pyramid. Artist: Roger Brown. Date: 1977. Medium: acrylic on wood.

Skyscraper with Pyramid


Roger Brown

Learn more about Skyscraper with Pyramid.
Casual Chic. Artist: David F. Bushman. Date: 1973-74. Medium: oil.

Casual Chic


David F. Bushman

Learn more about Casual Chic.
Tim House (In Green Pastures). Artist: Rob and Christian Clayton. Date: 2001. Medium: mixed media on wood panel with electrical and sound.

Tim House (In Green Pastures)


Rob and Christian Clayton

Learn more about Tim House (In Green Pastures).
Carousel. Artist: Sam Gilliam. Date: 1970. Medium: acrylic on unstretched canvas.



Sam Gilliam

Learn more about Carousel.
Eiler Blues. Artist: Sam Gilliam. Date: 1978. Medium: oil on stitched and unstretched awning canvas with grommets and objects.

Eiler Blues


Sam Gilliam

Learn more about Eiler Blues.
Dead Reckoning. Artist: Art Green. Date: 1980. Medium: oil on canvas.

Dead Reckoning


Art Green

Learn more about Dead Reckoning.
Regulatory Body. Artist: Art Green. Date: 1969. Medium: oil on canvas.

Regulatory Body


Art Green

Learn more about Regulatory Body.
Gertrude Stein. Artist: Cham Hendon. Date: 1981. Medium: acrylic and rhoplex on canvas.

Gertrude Stein


Cham Hendon

Learn more about Gertrude Stein.
Theme for a Drunken Sailor. Artist: Jason Jägel. Date: 2001. Medium: gouache and pencil.

Theme for a Drunken Sailor


Jason Jägel

Learn more about Theme for a Drunken Sailor.
Blue Gray Green Red. Artist: Ellsworth Kelly. Date: 2008. Medium: color lithograph on paper.

Blue Gray Green Red


Ellsworth Kelly

Learn more about Blue Gray Green Red.
Rudolph Valentino, August, 1926. Artist: Ellen Lanyon. Date: 1970. Medium: oil on canvas.

Rudolph Valentino, August, 1926


Ellen Lanyon

Learn more about Rudolph Valentino, August, 1926.
Untitled (Cone with Semicircle). Artist: Erik Levine. Date: 1990. Medium: plywood.

Untitled (Cone with Semicircle)


Erik Levine

Learn more about Untitled (Cone with Semicircle).
Leaping Dog. Artist: Frances Myers. Date: 1990. Medium: etching and relief on paper.

Leaping Dog


Frances Myers

Learn more about Leaping Dog.
Suture. Artist: Ed Paschke. Date: 1985. Medium: oil on linen.



Ed Paschke

Learn more about Suture.
Soviet / American Array III. Artist: Robert Rauschenberg. Date: 1989-90. Medium: photogravure.

Soviet / American Array III


Robert Rauschenberg

Learn more about Soviet / American Array III.
You Worry About Its Success. Artist: Hollis Sigler. Date: 1987. Medium: oil on canvas.

You Worry About Its Success


Hollis Sigler

Learn more about You Worry About Its Success.
Counterpoise. Artist: Jeanette Pasin Sloan. Date: 2002. Medium: lithograph.



Jeanette Pasin Sloan

Learn more about Counterpoise.