Open Thursday: 12:00 PM - 6:00 PM

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Best of Show at Art Fair on the Square

Winners of the 2023 “Best of Show” awards

Crowds of people walking between rows of art fair booths at Art Fair on the Square.
Graphite drawing showing two small people climbing up a piece of lined paper torn from a notebook and taped to a wall.

Robin Lauersdorf

Printmaking, Graphics, and Drawing

3D fiber art depicting various fruits and vegetables within a frame.

Martina Celerin • Dimensional Weaving


Painting of a giant lamb and a bird with some flowers in a tight room.

Phill Singer • Singer Fine Art Collection


Necklace with an abstract octopus-like pendant.

Oliver Hampel • Oliver Jewelry


Sculptural felt art depicting a spotted jaguar

Brad & Sundie Ruppert • SculpturalFelt by Brad & Sundie

Mixed Media 2-D

Mixed media sculpture depicting a baby's face emerging from moss inside of a box with nails. A third eye emerges from the baby's forehead.

John W Fesken

Sculpture and 3-D Mixed Media

Sculptures of dragons hatching out of eggs.

Dennis Thompson • SnobHog Studio


Glass art with imagery of a path going through a forest

J David Norton Glass


Digital illustration depicting a person in an apothecary.

T.L. Luke Art

Digital Art

Photograph of tall plants taken by a toy camera.

Michael Bryant


Metal artwork in a flower-like shape, with etched lines from a poem.

Jonathan Rose • Hands on Fire


Wooden wall art.

Kevin Lohse


Wooden art attached to headboards which trail up the wall and across part of the ceiling.

Paul Morrison • The Wood Cycle