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Sandwich and Soda

Roy Lichtenstein


screenprint on clear plastic

19" x 23"

The two-toned screenprint, Sandwich and Soda, is consistent with Lichtenstein’s cool Pop aesthetic and comic book imagery. Here he reproduces an illustration from the iconic American fast-food restaurant Horn & Hardart’s Automat food menu. The cafeteria-style eatery served freshly prepared meals from coin-operated vending machines that lined the walls of the diner. Lichtenstein mimics the glass windows advertising the menu options by printing on glossy, clear plastic. Sandwich and Soda evinces both the typical Pop Art references to consumer goods and the art historical tradition of still-life. The work was created the same year as the exhibition The American Supermarket at the Bianchini Gallery in New York in which Lichtenstein included shopping bags with screenprinted turkeys.


Gift of the Betty Parsons Foundation