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Dutchman 3

Robert Lostutter


oil on canvas

50" x 47 7/8"

In Dutchman 3, two bodies meet in the air as if they are trapeze artists mid-swing. One performer’s head is enshrouded in a cloth; his awkwardly stylized arms and hands appear uncoordinated and unsure of themselves, while the lower half of his body is covered in ropes that appear to be embroidered into his skin. The second performer looks confidently ahead and embraces the blinded performer, his smooth skin untethered and free. His minimal garments are flashy, designed to be highlighted and to reflect the spotlight on stage; he is a seasoned and assured actor. Their actions convey trust and a sense of intimacy, for the blindfolded man has no choice but to surrender to the experienced performer


Promised gift of Mark and Judy Bednar