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Photo of Fred Stonehouse

Fred Stonehouse

Born: 1960

Fred Stonehouse is a Midwest regional artist who resides in Wisconsin. He received his B.F.A. from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 1982. Although his art is representational, Stonehouse’s illogical settings and actions are reminiscent of Magic Realism, whose fantastical realities are associated with Latin American art and literature. In this regard, the indigenous art of pre-modern Mexico, Frida Kahlo’s Surrealist paintings, and the writings of the Columbian author Gabriel García Márquez were influential in Stonehouse’s formulation of his art. Stonehouse has also been drawn to other traditions of past art and to Philip Guston’s later figurative expressionist styles. But in the end, he assimilates these sources to his own private imagination to fashion ambiguous allegories of contemporary alienation—cynical in the unrelieved predicaments of his characters, yet touching in their sad despair.