Strand (detail), 2013. Mixed-media installation. Dimensions variable. Courtesy of the artist.

Milwaukee, WI


Richard Knight designed Strand, his site-specific sculpture, to merge with and expand into MMoCA’s glass icon. The sculpture’s skeletal structure is composed of wires, string, twigs, and other sinewy detritus; these elements have the appearance of lines liberated from the confines of paper and suspended in space. Much like his paintings and drawings, Knight’s three-dimensional works feel gestural in nature, embodying the expressive language of lyrical abstraction. Moving beyond juxtapositions of color, shape, and line that characterize purely formalist explorations, the artist merges bits of found material into his sculptures. Wax, tar, paper, constructed silk lanterns, and other objects find their way into his assemblages, transforming them into contemporary reflections of everyday life.


Richard Knight received his MFA from Indiana University in 1986. He has had an active twenty-year exhibition history in the Midwest, primarily in Milwaukee and St. Louis.

Photo: James Seder.