Chroma, an immersive color experience

Saturated with experiences, vivid with color, Chroma is an immersive color experience taking place at MMoCA on Friday, April 17, 2020. Guests will explore color expression on all levels of the museum with DJs, cocktails, an art pull and more.

Party guests will enjoy artist and designer-created color-rich environments, artist-led experiences, and a hands-on group art project. Chroma celebrates color: how it feels, its intensity and beauty, and the way we use it in our lives – this vibrant, biennial event is unlike any other.

General Admission $15; VIP Insider experience $125. Tickets to this sell-out event will go on sale on January 31 for members, and February 3, 2020 for non-members.

Chroma guests on the landing and in the lobby
2020 Sponsors to Date

Chroma 2020 is made possible through the generous support of the following sponsors:

Isthmus Publishing
Fresco Rooftop Restaurant & Lounge 

Guests taking a selfie in an installation

Chroma is an opportunity for creative people—artists and designers—to dream up and pay homage to
the spectral colors, and all of the ways that we use color creatively. Read the policies.  For best consideration apply by January 19, 2020 at