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imaginary i Reading List

We hope you engaged with the MMoCA Learning Center that encourage learning and inspiration from imaginary i. We have selected various books for all different age groups to supplement your learning experience. Included below are the titles that we included in the Learning Center as well as additional suggested readings.

Learning Center Reading List

  • Mathematics and Art: A Cultural History by Lynn Gamwell
  • Harmonograph: A Visual Guide to the Mathematics of Music by Anthony Ashton
  • At the Edge of Art by Joline Blais & Jon Ippolito
  • Math Art: Truth, Beauty, and Equations by Stephen Ornes
  • Books about Individual Artists in the Exhibition:
  • The Prints of Suzanne Caporael by Tandem Press, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Alan Shields by Deborah Emont-Scott, Memphis Brooks Museum of Art
  • Woodland Reflections: The Art of Truman Lowe by Jo Ortel
  • Richard Hunt by Dorsky Gallery
  • Michelle Grabner by The Suburban
  • Owen Morrel: Works 1976-1984 by The Madison Art Center
  • Brice Marden Graphite Drawings by Matthew Marks Gallery
  • Barbara Hepworth by Penelope Curtis and Alan G. Wilkinson
  • The Art of Richard Tuttle by Madeleine Grynsztjn, SFMOMA
  • 2000 BC: The Bruce Conner Story Part II by Peter Boswell, Bruce Jenkins, and Joan Rothfuss, The Walker Art Center

Learning Center Reading List for Young Learners

  • little blue and little yellow by Leo Lionni
  • The Game of Mix-up Art by Hervé Tullet
  • Pop-Up Op-Art: Vasarely by Phillipe UG
  • My First Book of Quantum Physics by Kaid-Sala Ferrón Sheddad and Eduard Altarriba
  • The Bluest of Blues: Anna Atkins and the First Book of Photographs by Fiona Robinson
  • The Girl Who Thought in Pictures: The Story of Dr. Temple Gardin by Julia Finley Mosca and Daniel Riely
  • The Story of Leonardo Da Vinci: A Biography Book for New Readers by Ciara O’Neil
  • Star Finder!: A Step-by-Step Guide to the Night Sky by DK and The Smithsonian Institution

Additional Suggested Readings

  • The Secret Lives of Color by Kassia St. Clair
  • Oliver Byrne’s Elements of Euclid: The First Six Books with Coloured Diagrams and Symbols by Art Meets Science
  • The Beautiful Brain: The Drawings of Santiago Ramon y Cajal by Larry W. Swanson, Alfonso Araque, and Janet M. Dubinsky
  • Fractals: On the Edge of Chaos by Oliver Linton
  • Light: The Visual Spectrum and Beyond by Kimberly Arcand and Megan Watzke
  • The Book of Circles: Visualizing Spheres of Knowledge: (with over 300 beautiful circular artworks, infographics and illustrations from across history) by Manuel Lima
  • Glitch Feminism by Legacy Russel
  • Alice Aycock Drawings: Some Stories are Worth Repeating by Jonathan Fineberg and Terrie Sultan
  • William Dole: The CollageYears, 1955-1982 by the Santa Barbara Museum of Art
  • Olafur Eliasson: In Real Life by Tate Publishing
  • Charles Gaines: Palm Tres and Other Works by Cherise Smith, Charles Gaines, and David Platzker
  • Cabinet of Curiosities: Four Artists, Four Visions by the Chazen Museum of Art, Joseph R. Goldyne, and Thomas Garver
  • Mary Heilmann: The All Night Movie by Mary Heilmann and Jutta Koether
  • The Artworks of Rocknew Krebs & Sam Gilliam, Built and Unbuilt by John Anderson
  • Annette Lawrence: Free Paper by skstork
  • Anne Lindberg Monograph  by Dürer Editions
  • Annie on Camera by Anne H. Hoy
  • Eric Staller: Out of My Mind by Eric Staller
  • Ribbon of Darkness: Inferencing from the Shadowy Arts and Sciences by Barbara Maria Strafford
  • Materializing New Media: Embodiment in Information Aesthetics by Anna Munster

Additional Suggested Readings for Young Learners

  • How Was That Built?: The Stories Behind Awesome Structures by Roma Agrawal and Katie Hickey
  • Light Waves by David A. Adler and Anna Raff
  • Animals in the Sky by Sara Gillingham
  • Queen of Physics: How Wu Chien Shiung Helped Unlock the Secrets of the Atom by Teresa Robeson and Rebecca Huang
  • Iqbal and His Ingenious Idea: How a Science Project Helps One Family and the Planet by Elizabeth Suneby and Rebecca Green
  • Mae Among the Stars by Roda Ahmed and Stasia Burrington
  • Be a Maker by Katey Howes and Elizabet Vuković
  • Guitar Genius: How Les Paul Engineered the Solid-Body Electric Guitar and Rocked the World  by Kim Tomsic and Brett Helquist
  • Women in Science: 50 Fearless Pioneers Who Changed the World by Rachel Ignotofsky
  • 100 Easy STEAM Activities: Awesome Hands-On Projects for Aspiring Artists and Engineers by Andrea Scalzo Yi 
  • The Boy Who Thought Outside the Box: The Story of Video Game Inventor Ralph Baer by Marcie Wessels and Beatriz Castro
  • The Girl Who Drew Butterflies: How Maria Merian’s Art Changed Science by Joyce Sidman
  • The World Is Not a Rectangle: A Portrait of Architect Zaha Hadid by Jeanette Winter