Friday, April 27, 2018

A young black woman with braids and sunglasses stands in front of a brightly-colored backdrop. The word CHROMA runs across the bottom of the image in green text.
A young white man and woman stand in an installation of brightly-colored ropes. Both are smiling. CHROMA appears in blue across the top of the image.
Overlapping multicolored silhouettes of people, one with a phone, taking a photo. The word CHROMA runs across the bottom of the image in yellow text.
A young white woman stands in front of a blue background. She's wearing blue sunglasses, lipstick, jewelry, and nail polish. The word CHROMA runs across the bottom of the image in hot pink.

Saturated with experiences, vivid with color, Chroma is an immersive color experience coming to the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art on April 27, 2018. Come and explore color expression throughout the iconic spaces of the museum with DJs, cocktails and more. 

Party guests will enjoy artist and designer-created color-rich environments, artist-led experiences, and hands-on group art projects on each level of the museum. Chroma celebrates color: how it feels, its intensity and beauty, and the way we use it in our lives. We choose hues and shades to decorate and express ourselves. Creative professionals work with color to create moods and responses. Artists access the spectrum to express their vision. This vibrant event will be unlike any other.

Chroma admission will include a spectrum of sweets and savories, music and dancing in different museum spaces, a myriad of performances and art activities. Assemble your crew and get your ticket! Plan an ensemble in your favorite spectral color (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, or violet) to be considered for a prize. 

General admission - $15 - click to purchase
General admission 4 pack - $50 - click to purchase
Chroma Insider - $50 - click to purchase

Artists and Designers can review the Chroma Call for Entries and then complete the online application on or before Monday, March 5, 2018.