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Gallery Night

A list of venues participating in Spring 2024 Gallery Night.

Two people looking at artworks on the wall during Gallery Night.

Friday, May 3, 2024 • 5–9 PM* • Free Admission

*In addition, some venues have set their own hours outside of the 5–9 PM event.

A=Artist Talk or Demonstration
M=Live Music or Performance

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17 South Fairchild Street • Floor 7 • 608.628.0422 •

Madison’s vibrant art scene comes alive at 100state. Explore works by over 20 local artists, enjoy live music. Savor refreshments and snacks and this dynamic event.



230 State Street • Stop 1 • 608.204.2644 •

A sister-owned paper and gift shop featuring lovely greeting cards, art prints and stickers as well as the materials and inspiration to create your own!


Atelier Salon

924 East Johnson Street • 608.709.9195 •

Atelier Salon is hosting Katie J Stephenson, encaustic artist – showcasing dreamy layered paintings of Madison’s lakes created with wax and fire.


bETHEL Lutheran cHURCH

312 Wisconsin Avenue • 608.257.3577 • 

New Blue Sun: An Andre 3k Produced Series by Matthew Braunginn, an “abstract expressionist painter”, plus the Bethel permanent art collection on exhibit. 5:00 to 8:00 pm


Carnelian Art Gallery

221 King Street • Suite 102 • 608.333.5309 •

Come join us for our Black and White show. Three artists showing drawings painting and prints.


James Watrous Gallery

201 State Street • Overture Center for the Arts, 3rd floor • 608.733.6633 x 25 •

Presenting “Playground” and “unearthed,” paired solo exhibitions by Lisa Marie Barber and Jayne King, two artists working in ceramics, textiles, and mixed media. Barber’s ceramic tableau recalls Latin-inflected Catholic shrines from the American Southwest, while King’s vessels are layered with stories and histories drawn from their Midwestern Jewish family.

Overture Galleries

201 State Street • 608.261.4000 •

Gallery I, Shape of Time, Lauren Harlowe & J Myszka; Gallery II, Color Play, Mary Gill & Jessica Laub; Gallery III, Something to Chew On, Lainey Singer & Tony Riel; Playhouse Gallery, Dreamed Realities, Macondo Project; Rotunda Gallery, Whispers of Worlds, Audifax & Joe Landis

Modern Talisman / Hands of the Hills

100 South Baldwin Street • Suite 203 • 608.621.2621 •

Beads and amulets from Thailand, India, Africa, Java and beyond. Fine silver jewelry made by Thai hilltribe artisans. Jewelry by Ramsey Finger (Modern Talisman).

Monona Terrace Community and Convention Center

One John Nolen Drive • 608.261.4000 •

Art on the Rooftop is a free sculpture exhibition featuring outdoor works by regional artists.

The Garver Gallery

18 South Bedford Street • 608.256.6755 •

Vintage Wisconsin: Featuring artist who helped define our rich artistic heritage. John Wilde, Lee Weiss, Lois Ireland, Aaron Bohrod and more. See our website.


Ovation 309

309 West Johnson Street • 608.661.4309 •

Painter and muralist Julie Vornholt will be displaying paintings and drawings. Brook Leland will be displaying her surrealist prints, paintings, and drawings.




@properties-elleven|Christie’s International Real Estate

7535 Hubbard Avenue • 608.733.7760 •

Kate Speer Ely will display artwork and give an artist talk/demo. We will also have live music and refreshments in our space.


Grape Water Wine Bar

7466 Hubbard Avenue • 608.733.7760 • @grapewaterwinebar

Ansley’s watercolor portraits are inspired by her clients’ unique weddings and homes. She paints using delicate colors and embraces the enchantment and whimsy of nature.

John/Christine Designs

1835 Parmenter Street • 608.824.0392 •

Along with our innovative jewelry collection, we will feature artist Erin Summers. Original oil paintings on linen canvas, focused on portraits and landscapes to embrace the world around us.


Longtable Beer Cafe

7545 Hubbard Avenue • 608.841.2337 •

Featuring the work of Stephenie Purl Hamen, a multi-media abstract artist who works across surfaces and mediums with bright kaleidoscopes of color.


The Regal Find

1834 Parmenter Street • 608.833.1633 •

Tobie and Anna DePauw of Mordecai Book Building and Botannaca Designs combine their love of craft and nature to create handmade goods, including prints, cards, textiles and books, all printed in their letterpress studio in Middleton, WI.


Willy Street / East Washington

Willy Street / East Washington

American Feral

2150 E Washington Avenue • 608.213.6666 •

A Gathering of Madison’s premier fine artists representing a wide variety of disciplines representative of the creativity within our community. 35+ Museum quality artist will be gathered to see what we’ve been working on. Come join us!


A Place to be

911 Williamson Street • 608.630.2508 •

Two local artists – Caroline Harvey, a potter and multidisciplinary crafts artist and Kathleen Jahn, original watercolor paintings, postcards, unique scarves and more will showcase their work. Acoustic folk music by solo artist, Katie Lowery, of The Emmylous, will provide live music.


Athanasios Papapostolou Studio Atelier

2333 East Mifflin Street • • @thanasipapapostolou

Meet figurative sculptor Thanasi Papapostolou in his new studio-atelier. Papapostolou’s practice, influenced by the classical tradition, focuses on drawing and sculpting the human figure.

Aubergine: A Willy Street Community Space

1226 Williamson Street • 

Aubergine is featuring the talented Jessica M. Gutiérrez, a Nicaraguan-American artist, and her enchanting, magical watercolors. Refreshments provided.


Barefoot Hands – Madison’s Gravity Bodywork Central

600 Williamson Street, Suite P • 608.886.8682 •

Asian Moon at Barefoot Hands, featuring tea ceremony, Chinese cultural dance, and showcasing in-house and selected local artist art collection.



2 South Ingersoll Street • 608.467.6646 •

Individual and group healing expressive collaborations in painted media.

Earley Design Studio

1231 E Wilson Street • 608.467.6646 •

100 Knittings- Colorfield knits by Renee Roeder Earley. An exploration of blending, changing, contrasting and complementing color studies. The fine elements of painting explored in knitting.


Gibs Bar

1380 Williamson Street •

For Spring Gallery Night 2024, Gib’s Bar will be featuring the vibrant work of Jaundy Brunswick. Brunswick works in collage, mixed media, and textiles to create complex, visually compelling work that centers around themes of identity and belonging.

Ground Floor Studios Artists’ Cooperative and Friends

107 Sutherland Court • 608.843.5416 • @ground_floor_studios_madison

Ground Floor Studios Artists’ Cooperative houses 9 studios including artists involved in mixed media, etching, metal smithing, painting (abstract, realistic, surrealist), and ceramics. Located in Linden CoHousing, their artist members also participate in the evening.


Hatch Art House

1248 Williamson Street • 608.237.2775 •

Hatch Art House will be hosting Artists at Work II – the second year of a show featuring the work of Hatch’s team of employees.


Megan’s Custom Framing

2350 East Washington Avenue • 608.709.1322 • @megansframing

We will host a variety of art works by multiple artists. We will have live painting and our outdoor graffiti wall will be open for all to get creative.


The Marquette

414 South Baldwin Street • 608.239.2928 •

We will be hosting a variety of talented local artists across many mediums. Get ready for pottery, mixed metal work, painting tapestry and more. We will also be hosting a local musician for ambient music.


State Line Distillery

1413 Northern Court • 608.268.6201 • • @statelinespirits

Nestled within the confines of a bustling commercial photo studio, these artists, friends and collaborators have embarked on a collective journey delving into the depths of their personal creative visions. Drawing from a diverse array of mediums including photography, painting and drawing each artist brings forth their individual voice to create layers in a rich collection of works.

State Line Distillery

1413 Northern Court • 608.960.9360 • • @statelinedistillery

Shannon embraces the spontaneous processes of nature, delving into Earth’s undiscovered beauty and emulating its natural imperfections. “My best work happens when I’m not looking.”


Working Draft Beer Company

1129 East Wilson Street • 608.709.5600 •

Kate Fogler is a Madison-based, Maine-born textile artist whose work hinges pop art, American iconography, and the industrialization of traditional rug-making craft.

Yahara House

802 East Gorham Street • 608.280.4700 •

Yahara House supports adults experiencing mental illness through meaningful work and relationship building, and strive to give our community a way to express themselves through art and creativity. Join us for our third annual showcasing of artworks.


Latino Art Fair at Common Wealth Gallery

100 South Baldwin Street • 608.695.2474 •

Latino Art Fair at Common Wealth Gallery is an exhibition of two dozen artists focused on the theme of “Cinco De Mayo: Independence and Freedom. There will be paintings, digital art and prints commemorating Cinco de Mayo, a Mexican holiday.


Atwood / Winnebago

Atwood / Winnebago

Atwood Studio

2716 Atwood Avenue • 608 217 4133

Mary Made It Studio. Painting; Earth Elements- Jewelry; Eric Hagstrom – Multimedia; Hallie and Sara – Multimedia; Jeff Waldman – Sculpture; KARMALOVER. Katherine Culbertson – Multi Media.


bad dog frida

2094 Atwood Avenue • 608.442.6868 •

Emily Marie Watercolors specializes in custom pet portraits and botanical art. She is also hosting a free watercolor drop-in to paint your own pet-themed painting.


Calnin House

2237 Winnebago Street • 608.604.4098 •

Calnin House, a consciously curated homeware shop, is new to Madison’s shopping scene and will bring local pottery and bespoke woodwork to Gallery Night.


Goodman Community Center Brassworks Building

214 Waubesa Street • 608.241.2574 •

More than 22 artists will be participating at the Goodman Community Center. Watercolors, mixed-media, jewelry, pottery, upcycled clothing and fabric arts. We will also have live acoustic music from local musicians.

R  L

Deborah’s Frame Garden

2140 Atwood Avenue • 608.576.4044 •

Poet and artist Ron Czerwien will be exhibiting his “Cats and Dogs” prints, created through the combined use of AI generation and photo editing software.

Herbiery Taproom

2015 Winnebago Street, Suite 101 •

An evening with Selia Salzsieder, Herbiery’s artist-in-residence. Beer, mocktails, and snacks available for purchase.


Reverie Baking Co

2021 Winnebago Street • 608.284.9364 •

Natalie Jo Wright, a local painter known for her large scale animal portraits will join tufted rug artist Megan Belle, whose work is inspired by old school tattoos at Reverie Baking Co for Gallery Night. Wright will have prints and cards for sale and both artists will be selling original work. The cafe will be open for service including beer and wine. Stop in, meet the artists and have a cup of coffee or a glass of wine before your next stop.

Lauer Realty Group-Atwood Ave

2229 Atwood Avenue • 608.467.3220 • @Melanie.Sartori@LauerRealtyGroup

Melanie has a passion for transforming spaces into works of art. Using gold leaf, acrylics, oil paint, and plaster, she creates dreamy but dynamic landscapes and city scenes from her travels.


Plymouth Congregational United Church of Christ

2401 Atwood Avenue • 608.249.1537 •

An exhibit of art created by the students of Lowell Elementary School. All 345 students, K-5th grade, will have work on display in the Narthex and sanctuary of the church.



56 Corry Street • 608.241.4605 • • @Sector67Madison

Projects and creations by Sector67 members and the community.


Table Wine

2301 Atwood Avenue • 608.609.9092 •

Featured artist is Bird Ross, who works with multiple media in socially engaging and thoughtful ways


Talbot Gallery 2118

2118 Atwood Avenue • 608.341.4082 •

Contemporary original artworks by 24 Gallery 2118 artists in a wide variety of forms.

R  A M

Gallery Marzen

2345 Atwood Avenue • 608.709.1453 •

Experience the cutting edge of printmaking at NEXUS: Recent Works from the Vox Populi Print Collective. This group exhibition showcases pioneering work from the celebrated Vox Populi printmaking guild. Established in 2017 by Madison’s Barry Carlsen and New York’s Peter Hopkins, Vox Populi has left an indelible mark on the international art scene, gracing prestigious venues in Berlin, Basel, Venice, Los Angeles, New York City, Miami, and beyond. NEXUS offers a unique opportunity for audiences to immerse themselves in the latest visions from this dynamic group of artists who continue to shape the future of printmaking.


Garver Canvas (located inside Garver Feed Mill)

3241 Garver Green • 901.264.0228 •

Garver Canvas will be transformed into The Idea Factory from mid-March to mid-May 2024. The Idea Factory is an exhibition, residency, and social experiment with artist Trent Miller. It is the first physical manifestation of an idea that presented itself on Oct. 13, 2022. Miller sees Garver Canvas as a space for continued experimentation and making, not a static environment. The Idea Factory will accept applications for new members during open hours.


Studio Paran

2051 Winnebago Street • 608.242.1111 •

“Black and Blue Skies” New works and old by owner Richard Jones

Monroe / Regent


Alvarado Real Estate Group

1914 Monroe Steet • 608.251.6600 •

Alvarado Real Estate is featuring a talented local artist. Refreshments provided.


Indie Coffee

1225 Regent Street • 608.259.9621 •

Subcurrents: Works of Lea Tyska. Lea Tyska layers paint and organic matter to suggest imaginary landscapes. Spontaneity and chance are central to the process of responding to the patterns, shapes, and textures that emerge while painting.


Lauer Realty Group-Monroe St

2526 Monroe Street • 608.467.6465 •

Julie Vornholt, mural artist and painter, is showcasing new oil paintings of her floral style mixed with fabrics and portraiture.


Milward Farrell Fine Art

2701 Monroe Street • 608.238.6501 •

New works by gallery artists including realism, abstract landscape, pop art and Impressionism. Also new works in ceramics, art jewelry and glass. Reception 5-9pm.


Monroe Street Arts Center

1732 West Lawn Avenue • 608.232.1510 •

Join us from 5–7:30 PM as we proudly display artwork from our collaborative local community artists, including: Rachel Christopolous, Scott Espeseth, Selia Salzsieder and Sidney Burke.


Monroe Street Family Dental

2702 Monroe Street, Suite 101 • 608.204.0222 • @MonroeStreetFamilyDental

Local artists on display throughout the office. Stop by for tasty snacks and wine.


Monroe Street Framing

1901 Monroe Street • 608.255.7330 •

Please join us from 5-7pm as we welcome Chetta Ink Shop (aka Sheridan Steiner). Temporary tattoos, prints, and original drawings available.


Orange Tree Imports

1721 Monroe Street • 608.255.8211 •

Aubree Sue Art is a local creator of cozy and whimsical illustrations that will be available during Gallery Night as prints, stickers and cards.


Torn Edge Arts metalsmith studio

1639 Monroe Street • 608.698.7644•

WIM is a membership organization for professional and non-professional metalsmiths, jewelry designers, instructors, and all those who support the art of metalsmithing. Active members will be showing and selling current works.


Calabash Gifts

1831 Monroe Street • 608.233.2640 •

Unique collection of arts and crafts. Most of the works from Southern and East Africa collected and displayed by owner Leah Kessel includes wall art, sculptures and Jewellry.


West Side

West Side

Gallery 800 UBD

800 University Bay Drive • 608.238.0623 •

Jay Handy: Printmaker. Local Etchings of History and Memory. His prints bridge the past with the present, intertwining the threads of history, memory, and artistic expression.


Douglas Hyslop/Studio

6525 Grand Teton Plaza • 608.695.6617 •

I try to portray human figures in an appropriate emotional space. To this end, figures and objects are both partially transparent and reflective.


Xizhou Xie Art Gallery

6618 Piping Rock Road •

Xizhou Xie Art Gallery showcases all the current artwork by Best of Madison Local Artist Xizhou Xie, with her art studio on the second floor. Tour the gallery and studio in one visit!

North Side

North Side

Sandra Klingbeil Art

4222 Esch Lane • 608.628.4175 •

Sandra Klingbeil Adkins – Expressive Portraits and Abstracts Chistopher Crewe (The Reverend) – Hand-turned and carved wooden bowls and spoons David Hedges – Stylized impressionism Mark Adkins – Music


Tandem Press

1743 Commercial Avenue • 608.263.3437 •

UW-Madison MFA Thesis Exhibition by Devon Stackonis, an artist book installation rooted in ancestral labor history, resource extraction, and inhabitation of the Pennsylvania Coal Region.


Textile Arts Center of Madison

2436 Pennsylvania Avenue •

TAC is a hub for fiber arts, offering workshops, exhibitions, and supplies. A group exhibition will feature a variety of contemporary fiber artworks.


South Side

South Side

Schroeder Knifeworks

1516 Gilson Street • 608.819.2675 •

Live forging demo and hand made chef knives by Isaiah Schroeder. Metal engraving demo and custom engraved pet tags by Rebecca Rettenmund.