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Photo of Bruce Crownover

Bruce Crownover

Born: 1961

Bruce Crownover was born in 1961 in Southern California. He earned his BFA from Utah State University and his MFA in printmaking from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1989.

Crownover worked with Keiji Shinohara, a Japanese Ukiyo-e master printer at Cherrywood Press, in Boston, creating prints for Sean Scully, Chuck Close, Robert Stackhouse and John Newman. In 1992, Crownover returned to Madison and became an associate printer and then master printer at Tandem Press, a fine art print studio affiliated with the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He also worked for Off Jones Road Press, in Arena, WI, making paper and prints.

Expert in woodcarving, relief, and intaglio, Crownover is known for his wide range of printmaking techniques. He has become a notable printmaker and close collaborator with 92 nationally and internationally known artists and has taught over 350 students.