Jojin Van Winkle

The Destruction Project

October 17, 2020 through April 11, 2021

The Destruction Project is a multimedia, documentary-based video and audio installation that examines the roles of destruction and its counterpoints of resilience in rural areas. This project unpacks the concept of destruction in three chapters; destruction as entertainment, destruction as rejuvenation, and destruction as irreversible. Field recordings and interviews with women who inhabit rural spaces overlay theatrical explorations of the inherent beauty seen in loss. Jojin Van Winkle’s media work centers around the practice of listening, visualizing stories present in the everyday. Here, Van Winkle delves into the ways destruction and growth intersect with choice, change and violence, both natural and human-made.

Generous support for Imprint Gallery programming has been provided by Willy Haeberli in memory of Gabriele Haberland.