July 10, 2021 through February 13, 2022

Between explores photography as a medium uniquely positioned for revealing the liminal. Defined in a multitude of ways—in between, a threshold, a moment of transition, or a rite of passage—a liminal space is the precipice between two realities. Photography is often considered a documentary device that can capture this moment, and yet the trick of the medium is that it is also liminal—the camera functions at the brief pause between when reality is transpiring and when it becomes trapped in time.

Each of the artists featured in Between explores the liminal in various and nuanced ways. Some focus on when the viewer must confront spaces that have histories, both known and hidden. Others insinuate the trick of the camera in “documenting” scenes that are staged with yearning and potential for another reality.

Between also highlights works that evoke how we internalize the liminal. Revealing emotional and psychological states, we witness deeply private moments that resonate with our own personal experiences. Yet other artists seek out landscapes and cityscapes on the edge—of night, of the city, of the world—that mirror the inner turmoil of encountering spaces and moments in between.

While at times slightly unsettling or uncomfortable, the liminal can also be viewed as a moment of becoming—a chrysalis for change. As we reflect on our shared and individual experiences from the past year, Between invites exploration and curiosity of these spaces that are filled with the potential for growth and hopeful transformation.

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Exhibition Support

Exhibitions in the Henry Street Gallery are generously funded through an endowment established by the Pleasant T. Rowland Foundation.