Board, Staff, & Job Openings


Dynee Sheafor, President
Vikki Enright, Vice-President
Colin Good, Vice-President
Juliet Page, Vice-President
Eric Plautz, Treasurer
Jennifer Ridley Hanson, Secretary

Other Trustees
Dan Abrahamson
Erin Bemis
Marian Bolz, Life Trustee
Benjamin Brunette
Kimila Daniels
Jim Escalante
Veronica Figueroa Velez
Dave Franchino
Larry Frank
Amy Griffin
John Hitchcock
Valerie Kazamias, Chair, The Langer Society
Nathan Kirley
Sarah Phillips
JoAnne Robbins
Hedi Rudd
John Sims
Leslie Smith III
Tina Virgil


Christina Brungardt, Gabriele Haberland Director
Kent Michael Smith, Deputy Director x 263
Judy Schwickerath, Accountant x 242

Carol Chapin, Collection Database and Image Production Manager
Doug Fath, Preparator x 258
Elizabeth Shoshany Anderson, Assistant Curator
Marilyn L.M. Sohi, Head Registrar, Permanent Collection x 235
Sarah Stankey, Assistant Preparator/Photographer
Stephanie Zech, Associate Registrar

Annik Dupaty, Director of Events and Volunteers x 229
Kaitlin Kropp, Development Officer x 249
Bob Sylvester, Private Events and Wedding Rentals x 251

Education Department
Charlotte Cummins, Director of Education and Programs x 227

Bob Sylvester, Director of Public Operations x 251
Jason Bank, Public Operations Manager x 254

Marni McEntee, Director of Communications x 241
Lucy Nguyen Pham, Digital Content Coordinator x261


Installations and Facilities 
Brian Bartlett, Director of Installations and Facilities x 260
Bruce Crownover, Installations and Facilities Associate x 258

Employment Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in working for the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art.

  • The Public Operations Department is always accepting applications for the Gallery Attendant position.
    Download an application, or pick one up at the museum’s lobby desk during gallery hours.