Chroma Artist and Designer Application

Chroma Artist and Designer Application

Chroma is biennial creative showcase that will be held at the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art on Friday, April 17, 2020. Chroma is an immersive color experience, a revelation of artist- and designer-created environments, and a spectral party. Chroma is a chance for local creative people to dream up and pay homage to the spectral colors, and all of the ways that we use color creatively.

Read the complete Chroma policies at before applying.

Complete the application form below, being sure to attach requested documents and image files. For best consideration apply by January 19, 2020.


Upload one or more of the following: a bio, an artist statement, a company profile, CV or resume. *
Maximum upload size: 5MB

Image Submission

Upload one or more images of your recent work, past art installations, or past design projects. *
Maximum upload size: 7MB


Size / Space

What is the amount of space that you will need for your chromatic environment? (Note: Space is limited. MMoCA will determine final footprint upon notification of inclusion in the event.) *

Initial Sketch or Inspiration Image

Upload a sketch, or inspiration image of what you intend to create. *
Maximum upload size: 7MB

Focal Color Choice

Check your top 2 choices for the focal color of your installation. (Note: To ensure all that colors are represented, MMoCA will determine final color assignments upon notification of inclusion in the event.) *
I understand that artists and designers are responsible for supplying all materials to create chromatic installations or environments. *