Maria Jesus Gomer

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Meet: Maria Jesus Gomer
Occupation: Graphic Designer, Para-educator
Hometown: Madrid, Spain
Years in Madison area: 3

How long have you been a volunteer?

3 years!

What was your first volunteer role with MMoCA?

Taking photos of other volunteers and customers at the Holiday Art Fair

What inspired you to volunteer?

When I give to the community everyone wins, supporting the community is a priority in my life.

What was the most fun volunteer role or most unusual volunteer role/task?

As part of my task taking photos, I ask people if it is alright to take their picture. That can lead to some interesting conversations! For some people, this opens Pandora’s box and they will start telling me their whole life story!

What has been an unexpected benefit to volunteering?

I am able to attend events and take a peek behind the scenes at the venue.

What kind of art do you like to create?

My art is inspired by my personal experiences, nature, or someone that has touched me deeply. I try to take the bad moments and plaster that into a piece of art instead of getting frustrated about a situation, to make it a conversational piece.

What is a hidden talent you have?

I can play castanets, I do not have a musical ability whatsoever or reading music either.