Gil Hilman

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Meet: Gil Hilman
Occupation: Retired professor
Hometown: New Haven, Conn.
Years in Madison area: 10 years

A Special Congratulations:

On January 18, Gill received the Senior Service Award from the Rotary Club of Madison for his volunteer work at MMoCA, the Madison Senior Center, and the Lussier Community Education Center.

This award is given to individuals who have contributed significant amounts of civic or social service to the local community and represent the Rotary ideal of "Service above Self." Gill is an active member of the MMoCA Volunteers board and has been volunteering with the museum since 2006. Please join us in congratulating Gil. The staff of MMoCA are thankful for all that Gil does for the museum and our community.

How long have you been a volunteer with MmoCA?

10 years

What was your first volunteer role with MMoCA?

Took the docent class in 2006 and have been a docent since then.  I also do photography for MMoCA of the Art Fairs, MMoCA Nights, and other events.  Recently joined the MMoCA Volunteer Board.

What was the most fun volunteer role or most unusual volunteer role/task?

I found that I particularly enjoy touring kids in the 4th-5th grade range, though I also enjoy adult tours and I am happy to discuss the "My kid could do that"  and "Is that really art?" issues.

What/who inspired you to volunteer?

I met Rick Axsom in our racquetball club, got into a discussion of the current exhibit at MMoCA which I had just seen, and he encouraged me to join the upcoming docent class. A lucky meeting.
What has been an unexpected benefit to volunteering?  I have learned a lot from the curators' discussions, from the kids' responses to the art, and from the opportunity to view the exhibitions repeatedly.  The whole experience has been tremendous fun and has involved continuous learning, especially since the exhibitions change frequently.

What is a hidden talent you have?

Play folk/blues guitar, not very well

Favorite artists?

Picasso, Hopper, Ansel Adams; Miles Davis, Ron Carter, Stan Getz; Philip Glass, Steve Reich