Brenna Graham

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Meet: Brenna Graham
Occupation: Development and Communications for a local non-profit
Hometown: Lawrence, Kansas
Years in Madison area: Only 5 months in Madison, but almost two and a half years in southeastern Wisconsin. 

How long have you been a volunteer with MMoCA?

A little over two years.

What was your first volunteer role with MMoCA?

I volunteered in the Kid's tent at Art Fair on the Square.

What was the most fun volunteer role or most unusual volunteer role/task?

I loved being a part of the organizing committee for Design MMoCA 2016!

What inspired you to volunteer?

I have a PhD in art history, but I don't work with art. I wanted to keep a connection going to the field that I love.

What has been an unexpected benefit of volunteering?

Getting to see some of the insides of a really phenomenal museum.

What is your favorite color to wear and why?

Black! When I was young I thought serious art people always wore black and now I know that's not really true, but it's still my favorite.