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John Buck (American, b. 1946), Man with Horses, 2002, relief print, 36 x 28 inches. Gift of the Madison Print Club. Collection of the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art.

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Can You Imagine This? Fantasy in Art

The word fantasy is defined as "imagining impossible or improbable things." The five works of art in Can You Imagine This? Fantasy in Art do just that. They venture into the realms of the magical, the supernatural, the speculative, or the other-worldly and present a range of imaginative possibilities.

John Buck creates a strange being formed by black-and-white shapes that is framed by images of horses, streams, and fields Toby Buonagurio imagines a powerful tiger heavily adorned with a costume of wings and machine-like parts; Warrington Colescott presents the interactions of humans and robots on a futuristic assembly line; Sergio Gonzalez-Tornero portrays a seemingly startled wolf from whose neck emerges the strange visage of another being; and William Bernard Schade invents a fanciful bird complete with fruit helmet for its reference to Brazilian singer and dancer Carmen Miranda.

Through surprising juxtapositions, dream-like illusions, and unexpected associations, the works of art in Can You Imagine This? Fantasy in Art provide an engaging look into an imaginary world.