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Rufino Tamayo, Demi poisson (Halved Fish), 1969, Lithograph.


A print is an ink drawing or design that is transferred to a sheet of paper using:

  • a block of wood to produce a woodcut or woodblock print
  • a prepared metal plate to produce an intaglio print, such as an engraving or etching
  • limestone blocks or aluminum plates to produce a lithograph
  • fine-meshed screens to produce a silkscreen or screenprint

The transfer of the drawing or design to a sheet of paper is accomplished by pressurized contact between the printing element and paper in a printing press.

Modern and contemporary printmakers have expanded upon traditional descriptions of printmaking to include unusual combinations of print media; printing on surfaces other than paper; and the use of digital technologies, including inkjet printers.

Although many printing processes predate the modern era, modern and contemporary artists continue to use them to produce important works of art. With few exceptions, the majority of recognized artists of the modern and contemporary periods have made prints in addition to their work in other media.