Far Out: Fantasy in Art


Artists spark our curiosity by creating imaginary scenes of make-believe, enchantment, or illusion. These works of fantasy allow us to consider the improbable as if it might be real.

Duane Brissette depicts a startling encounter on a moonlit night; Toby Buonagurio creates a powerful tiger adorned in multiple hues; Warrington Colescott presents the interactions of humans and robots on a futuristic assembly line; and Nancy Mladenoff imagines a night-time adventure for three young astronauts.

Through surprising juxtapositions, dream-like illusions, and unexpected associations, the works of art in Far Out: Fantasy in Art provide an engaging look into an imaginary world.

Duane Brissette, Moonrise
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Toby Buonagurio, Tangerine Rainbow
Nancy Mladenoff, Cityscape
Warrington Colescott, The Future: On the Line
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