Los Grandes del Arte Moderno Mexicano June 7, 2013 to August 10, 2014

The MMoCAkids Learning Center offers families a variety of bi-lingual activities for exploring Los Grandes del Arte Moderno Mexicano, including children's books, a listening station with traditional Mexican folk songs for kids, drawing kits, storytelling and word-association games, and more. 

Los Grandes Lets Look Family Guide
Find out how an arrangement of objects becomes a self-portrait in Let's look, an interactive family guide available in the Los Grandes learning center.

"Yo Soy . . ." Artpack Insert
Stop by the reception desk in the MMoCA lobby and ask for the MMoCAkids ArtPack, the museum's hands-on discovery kit for exploring art. Designed for family members to use together, the ArtPack contains a variety of activities, including Yo Soy.../I Am..., that promote observation and imaginative thinking about visual art.