Joel Shapiro: The Bronzes September 23, 2018 to January 13, 2019


Stop by the museum's lobby welcome desk and ask for the MMoCAkids ArtPack, the museum's hands-on discovery kit for exploring art.


Designed for use anywhere in the museum, the MMoCAteens and MMoCAkids art guides provide young visitors and their adult companions with multiple ways to investigate contemporary art. Find them in exhibition learning centers and at the entrance to MMoCA's State Street Gallery.


MMoCA's Learning Centers offer adults, teens, and families a variety of resources for exploring current exhibitions. Features include related books for kids and adults; computer-based resources on featured artists; and hands-on activities that encourage imaginative play inspired by the museum’s exhibitions. In the Learning Center for Joel Shapiro, move your body to imitate Shapiro's sculptures that often look like human figures, and build your own small sculpture using magnetic wooden blocks.