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Young at Art 2025

February 15, 2025 – April 6, 2025


State Street Gallery

Young at Art showcases the creativity and imagination of the next generation of artists by offering students the opportunity to see their work on display in the museum’s galleries.

Featuring drawings, paintings, photographs, collages, sculptures, jewelry, ceramics, fiber, found objects, collaborative projects, and multi-media art, the exhibition highlights the talents of students from kindergarten through grade 12.

Whether inspired by personal experiences, societal issues, experimentation with color and line, or the beauty of nature, the exhibition demonstrates young people’s ability to comprehend and address contemporary issues, including identity, environmentalism, technology, and social justice.  

Each of Madison’s public school art teachers is invited to submit works of art for inclusion as part of this long-standing collaboration with the Fine Arts Department of the Madison Metropolitan School District. Submission policies and guidelines will be shared with teachers in the fall of 2024.

Young at Art not only features the development of artistic technique and skill, but the courage of young people to experiment, innovate, and engage critically with the world around them. Most importantly, it calls attention to the inherent possibility in Gen Z, and the possibilities of creative expression for years to come. 

Programming & Events

Exhibition Celebration
Sunday, February 16, 2025 • 1–2:30 PM