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Emerging Artist Block

emerging artist booth

The Madison Museum of Contemporary Art (MMoCA) wishes to support and encourage the next generation of art fair artists. Beginning in November 2022, early career artists may apply to the 2023 Art Fair on the Square in the “Emerging Artist” category. This special category is intended for artists with little or no experience in exhibiting and selling their work at an art fair. MMoCA believes that selling artwork in this type of event, with typically 150,000–200,000 art enthusiasts, allows artists the trifold benefit of exposure, sales, and the opportunity to start communicating with potential patrons.

Approximately 12 Emerging Artists will be grouped together on the ‘Emerge Block’ at the top of State Street, a radiating block and major access point to the Capitol Square (see map below). This block is separated from the main artist display areas on the Capitol Square. Emerging Artists will pay a lower jury fee and lower booth space fee than artists who will be exhibiting on the square proper. Information about tent, table, and chair rentals will be made available (those fees are additional, that is, not included in the booth space fee). Emerging Artists will receive tips, best practices, and by request, guidance before the event from Museum staff, volunteers, or past exhibiting artists.

Download a PDF overview of the application process, rules, regulations, logistics, and fees for Emerging Artists.

Examples of Acceptable Booth Images.

Please send questions to

map locating the Emerging Artists Block