June 6 through September 27, 2020

Sebura&Gartelmann are a two-man team determined to answer the question “what does male intimacy look like?” through their performance art pieces. Featuring the pieces Pulley System, Peg WallFinger Sew, and Gum Chew, the two tackle themes of trust and permission-giving. In Pulley System, both artists have attached themselves to a pulley system and attempt to walk across a room, their own weight keeping the other from advancing. Peg Wall shows the pair scaling opposite sides of a wall while negotiating how to place the pegs they share for hand and foot support. Using a needle and thread, they sew the top layers of skin on their thumbs together in Finger Sew. In Gum Chew, the two sit side by side with a bowl of gumballs between them. Sebura puts a few gumballs in his mouth and chews, then passes the wad of gum to Gartelmann, who adds more gumballs to the wad and chews. The two pass the growing wad of gum back and forth, adding new gumballs with each pass.

This exhibition is presented in partnership with the Art History course Design Thinking for Exhibitions at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Students in the course developed the exhibition over the course of the academic spring semester, using MMoCA as a critical training ground for hands-on application. Stemming from a shared interest in utilizing museum spaces for direct learning, this cross-institutional venture seeks to cultivate the next generation of museum professionals by introducing participants to the practical and theoretical matters of curation. Graduate and undergraduate students enrolled in Prof. Anna Campbell’s class worked closely together to develop this exhibition over the course of the Spring semester, with graduate students serving in leadership roles, and all students taking on curatorial duties.

Generous support for Imprint Gallery programming has been provided by Willy Haeberli in memory of Gabriele Haberland.