Participating Artists 2019

Pre-shop the 2019 MMoCA Art & Gift Fair by reviewing the list of participating artists below.

Underlining indicates artists who have websites; click on the name to access the site. If you do not see an artist initially, scroll down to view the end of the page.

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Chad Tuura
Booth RST101
Chad Grob
Booth PH714
Brad Ruppert
Booth WS801 & WS802
Ursula Perry
Booth PH706 & PH707
Paul Borucki
Booth WS808
Sharon Fujimoto
Booth MH405
Sasha Kinens
Booth MH406
Nicole Brin
Booth SG302 & SG303
Greg Cheesebro
Booth MH403
Steve Uren
Booth SG305
Sue Kershner
Booth PH708
T.L. Luke
Booth MH404
Veronica Martens
Booth SG300
Vince Cook
Booth WS809
William Waite
Booth PL122
Amber Frigaard
Booth PT603
Amy Carani
Booth PT602
Benjamin Leatham
Booth RST102
Brenda Conrad
Booth WS803
Charlotte Miller
Booth PT606
Chris Leung
Booth ML200
Courtney DeYoung
Booth RST104
Dan Ott
Booth WS810
Dawn Pollard and Andrea Stilwell
Booth PT604
Eduin Fraga
Booth WS805
Erika Moeglich
Booth PH700
Erin Carpenter
Booth ML204
Irena Saparnis
Booth ML205
Jaana Mattson
Booth MH407
Jason Washa
Booth WS804
Jean Wells
Booth PH705
Jessie Vreeland
Booth PT608
Joel Brokaw and Keilah Graber
Booth SG309
Joel Pisowicz
Booth PL119
Josiah Eidmann
Booth PT601
Katia Andreeva
Booth WS800
Katrina Fiebig
Booth PL115
Kim Russell
Booth SG304
Lana Voskoboynik
Booth PLNG753
Laurette O'Neil
Booth RST106 & RST107
Madison Tebo
Booth WS807
Marc Anderson
Booth PH701
Margaret Aden
Booth PT606
Marti Johnson
Booth PH702
Melinda Wolff
Booth WS813
Michael Zelenka
Booth PLNG751
Monica Hall
Booth PH703
Morgan Whitson
Booth PH711
Natalie Akerele and David Akerele
Booth PH712
Rita Troller
Booth PH709
Ron Mellott
Booth SG308
Ryan Bigelow
Booth PH710
Sara Slee Brown
Booth PH715
Shane Hudak
Booth HS14
Sharon Bjyrd
Booth PLNG750
Brenda Morrison
Booth PL117
Tom Lazar
Booth PT607