Board and Staff


Rick Phelps, President
Joe Alexander, Vice-President
Jason Knutson, Vice-President
Leslie Smith III, Vice-President 
Charlotte Cummins, Secretary
John Sylla, Treasurer

Other Trustees
Marian Bolz, Life Trustee
Bryan Chan
Karen Christianson
Vikki Enright
Jim Escalante
Dave Franchino
Sara Guyer
Cedric Johnson
Valerie Kazamias, 
    Chair, The Langer Society 
Elizabeth Kirchstein
Oscar Mireles
Bret Newcomb
Dave Orr
Amy Paulios
Margaret Pyle
JoAnne Robbins
John Ronzia
Dynee Sheafor
John Sims
Sylvia Vaccaro
Marc Vitale




Stephen Fleischman, Director x 225
Michael Paggie, Business Manager
Judy Schwickerath, Accountant  

Doug Fath, Preparator x 258
Leah Kolb, Curator of Exhibitions 
Christina Ruhaak, Exhibitions Manager x 233
Mel Becker Solomon, Curator of the Permanent Collection x 231
Marilyn L.M. Sohi, Head Registrar, Permanent Collection x 235
Carol Chapin, Associate Registrar
Stephanie Zech, Associate Registrar
Alyssa O'Connor, Associate Preparator/Assistant Registrar
Emma Shore, Assistant Preparator

Elizabeth Tucker, Director of Development x 245
Annik Dupaty
, Director of Events and Volunteers x 229
Kaitlin Kropp, Associate Director of Member Engagement x 224 
Amy Lambright Murphy, Events and Volunteers Assistant x 230
Bob Sylvester, Private Events and Wedding Rentals x 251

Sheri Castelnuovo, Curator of Education x 227
Janet Laube, Education Associate  x 228 (Tues/Wed)
Simone Doing, Education Associate x 228 (Mon/Thurs/Fri)

Museum Store
Leslie Genszler, Director of Retail Operations x 232 
Laurie Stacy, Manager x 256
Abby Sherman, Assistant Manager x 257
Zachary Yafai, Museum Store Associate x 257

Bob Sylvester, Director of Public Operations x 251
Jason Bank, Public Operations Manager x 254

Erika Monroe-Kane, Director of Communications x 237
Charlotte Easterling, Graphic Designer x 240

Installations and Facilities 
Brian Bartlett, Director of Installations and Facilities x 260
Conner Green, Installations and Facilities Associate x 259
Alyssa O'Connor, Installations and Facilities Associate x 258