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Photo © Jim Brozek.

08/19/2010 Focus/Madison
08/17/2010 Clayton Brothers: Inside Out
08/02/2010 True Self: The Search for Identity in Modern and Contemporary Art
07/22/2010 Fall Gallery Night Application Deadline
06/07/2010 Art Fair on the Square 2010
06/03/2010 Volunteers Needed for Art Fair on the Square
06/01/2010 Wisconsin Triennial Artists To Speak at Discovery World
05/25/2010 Wisconsin Triennial Artists To Speak at Neville Public Museum
05/11/2010 2010 Wisconsin Triennial
04/15/2010 Spring 2010 Gallery Night
04/13/2010 Then and Again: A Public Project by Nicolas Lampert
04/01/2010 Application Deadline for Holiday Art Fair
03/26/2010 Design MMoCA 2010
03/26/2010 Artist Roster for 2010 Wisconsin Triennial
02/09/2010 Art Fair on the Square Applications Due March 1, 2010
02/01/2010 MMoCA Acquires the Bill McClain Collection of Chicago Imagism
01/19/2010 MMoCA Celebrates Americana with Poetry and Jazz
01/04/2010 Design MMoCA 2010
12/15/2009 Apple Pie: Symbols of Americana in MMoCA's Permanent Collection
10/26/2009 Holiday Art Fair 2009
10/01/2009 Cage and Cunningham Chance, Time, and Concept in the Visual Arts
09/15/2009 Expanded Holiday Art Fair
09/15/2009 Fall Gallery Night
09/15/2009 Wisconsin Triennial Application Deadline
08/12/2009 Signs of the Times Robert Rauschenberg's America
08/05/2009 Return to Function
07/24/2009 Call for Artists Wisconsin Triennial 2010
07/21/2009 From Nature Realist Works in MMoCA's Permanent Collection
07/07/2009 Businesses Champion Art Fair on the Square
06/30/2009 Art Fair on the Square How-to-Collect Breakfast
06/29/2009 Curators' Choice: New Works from MMoCA's Collection
06/05/2009 Art Fair on the Square 2009
06/03/2009 Volunteers Needed for Art Fair on the Square
06/01/2009 Art Cart Gears Up for Another Summer Season
05/12/2009 Application Deadline for Expanded Holiday Art Fair is May 31, 2009
04/19/2009 “Design MMoCA” Posters Awarded First Prize
04/17/2009 First Fridays Celebrates “Return to Function”
04/14/2009 Spring Gallery Night
03/30/2009 "MMoCA Weddings" and "MMoCA Private Events"