Complex 7 (installation view), 2013. Acrylic sculpture and projected animation. 48 x 132 x 6 inches. Courtesy of the artist.

Milwaukee, WI


Interested in collective systems of growth, Tomaszewski employs digital technology to explore the convergence of art and science. Tomaszewski’s latest work, Complex 7, is an interactive installation: a large-scale acrylic sculpture fabricated to hang from the gallery wall and function as a projection screen for a complex digital animation. As visitors approach the piece, motion sensors activate a computer-based drawing program and trigger patterns of growth that appear over the surface of the sculpture. As the projected animation swells and expands, it begins to resemble biological growths such as rapidly expanding cell clusters. The swarming constellations, both beautiful and grotesque in appearance, trace the movement and number of viewers standing in front of the sculpture. In visually capturing and expressing patterns of information, Tomaszewski explores the balance between collective potential and the autonomy of the individual.


Lynn Tomaszewski received her BFA in 1989 from the University of Wisconsin–Madison and an MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute in 1994. She is currently a Professor at the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design. Her installations, paintings, and video work have been shown extensively, both nationally and in the Midwest. Tomaszewski is represented in the permanent collections of the Walker Art Center and the Center for Contemporary Art in Sacramento, California.

Behind the Scenes

Lynn Tomaszewski: Complex 7

Lynn Tomaszewski: Complex 7 program in progress