Café Allongé - Madison, 2013. Table-top performances. Courtesy of the artists. Photo: Dale Kaminski.

Madison, WI


Spatula&Barcode—a collaborative team comprised of Laurie Beth Clark and Michel Peterson—focus on fostering social interactions through performance-based art. Expanding the reach of the Triennial, the artists are coordinating a series of weekly events for approximately eighteen performers in cafes around downtown Madison. Interested individuals can sign up for an appointment to meet with one of Spatula&Barcode’s commissioned artists. Engaging in a one-on-one performance designed specifically for the café setting, each person participating in Café Allongé ultimately contributes to a larger chain of human connections that celebrates the local culture and community. In orchestrating intimate events in which establishing relationships and social engagement are central concerns, Spatula&Barcode prompt explorations of hospitality, generosity, and reciprocity.

cafe allonge

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Spatula& Barcode is a collaborative team composed of Laurie Beth Clark and Michael Peterson, two professors at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. Clark received her MFA from Rutgers University in 1982 and is a Professor of Non-Static Forms in the Art Department. Peterson completed his PhD in theater at UW–Madison in 1993 and has been Associate Professor and Director of Academics in the Department of Theatre and Drama since 2000. Since beginning their collaboration in 2008, Clark and Peterson have orchestrated performances in Wisconsin and abroad, including Brazil, Canada, Croatia, Morocco, and the Netherlands.