Debbie Kupinsky and Craig Clifford

Mississippi/Echo (installation detail), 2013. Porcelain and found objects. Courtesy of the artists. Photo: Aaron Granat.

Appleton, WI


Debby Kupinsky and Craig Clifford’s wall-mounted shelves display both found and created objects. Some hold items from thrift stores and yard sales, including figurines, bottles, cups, clocks, and toys. Other shelves display replicas of these objects, cast by the artists in rough-hewn porcelain. The objects, both sentimental and banal, take on new meanings when presented together as a purposeful collection, replicating and echoing each other, the ordinary transformed into the personal. On their pedestal mounts, these statuettes offer themselves as enigmatic mementoes.


Debbie Kupinsky and Craig Clifford both received MFAs from Louisiana State University, and have been collaborating since 2012. Clifford currently teaches at the University of Wisconsin–Oshkosh, and Kupinsky is the Uihelin Fellow in Studio Art at Lawrence University in Appleton. They taught art and ceramics in the Los Angeles area for five years before moving to the Mississippi Delta for two years. They have also held an artist residency at The Archie Bray Foundation for the Ceramic Arts in Helena, Montana. Clifford has shown his own work extensively across the country and in China and South Korea, placing two years in a row in the top five at the World Ceramic Biennale–Korea International Competition. Kupinsky has also exhibited nationally and in China.